Extreme drop in frames whenever particles are present

FINAL EDIT: Issue was narrowed down to a graphics card mismanagement, so reproducing the problem might prove difficult. If anyone is running a RX 6000 series GPU, please check if your game is running smoothly and if your card is clocking below minimum clock speeds.


Particles crash frames to the 10-30 FPS range (13 most of the time, if that makes any difference)

EDIT: reducing particle settings to the lowest possible value (50%) didn’t change anything. Might not be connected to the particles after all, turning the camera so particles are off screen also didn’t change much. Frame drops occured after shooting the training dummies/walls in the lobby ship.

EDIT2: Joining a server made it worse, more moving stuff I guess. In an actual game, FPS stayed below 30 the whole round. No fun.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Lobby ship

Steps to reproduce

  1. Shoot a thing
  2. Watch slideshow of particles
  3. Run into a wall because of frame drop

Log file(s)

31-08-2021-1138-2.txt (16.1 KB)