Edge Pro League Season 1 - Details and Prize Money!

Discord: https://discord.gg/sZZDGpe

Sector’s Edge is now available to the Public and so: Edge Pro League S1 Begins!

Edge Pro League is a 5v5 Salvage Tournament with $160 going to the winners!
You can create a team and head over to #applications (In the Edge Pro League discord) to apply your team into Season 1!

We aim to make our Tourneys during the weekend, this is so everyone has enough time for games and it is pressure-free.
This will be the schedule:

  • Season 1 of Edge Pro League will begin from Saturday 7th of November and end on the Sunday 8th of November.
  • Team Submittions will end on Friday 6th of November

Let’s all hope that Edge Pro League Season 1 will be full of Epic Plays and Entertaining Events.

  • renderlike, Owner of Edge Pro League.

The weekend after Edge Pro League Season 1 a $300 tournament is also taking place organised by Bunsacks.
You can check the details here:
https://discord.gg/FkDXhwV at #register