Disruptor rework

Reason to rework them: there weak and semi useless. I believe this rework will make them work more like there intended role

Rework: make it so you start with 3(this number can be increased if you think it’s to few) but you can only place 3 at a time and carry only 3 at a time.
But make it so the user has a separate button to destroy all there disruptors. This will give them how ever many were still active
Might want to put a slight cool down on this because it may be abused
Players also get disruptors back if they kill someone effected by one or evey other ammo pick up like it is now.
Also please make it so players can pick up individual disruptors.
And finally give people affected by disruptors the scanner see thought walls thing or at least a indicator similar to junk rats trap set off in overwatch
Reason for this is to make it so its easier to follow up on these set off disruptors

All these changes over all make it so a player can set up on point then move away from that point to another to set up again because currently you put them down on a point then when the next point comes up your out of luck.
And the indicator change will help being able to follow up on disruptors. Instead of just getting 30 damage and it being useless
These changes also get rid of any annoying spam that comes with disruptors

This all comes from a player who uses disruptors in about all of my loadouts.
At least give me the indicator change and being able to pick them up. ;-;

I am a disruptor fan. I enjoy knowing that, even if I only did 30 damage, there’s a good chance I screwed up someone’s escape plan, slowed down a pursuer or hell, just annoyed someone. I feel they could do with a little bit of a rework myself, so here are my ideas.

Increasing the number of disruptors to 3 would be great, honestly, but no matter how many more you add, you always need to consider keeping some balance. 3 disruptors is potentially, three kills, even if those aren’t always kills that go to you - and any more than that can not only be kills of their own (e.g: four well placed disruptors in roughly the same place could kill someone) but could also be devastating to a team’s advance if they are put in the right places - if all four of those disruptors are in a good spot, you could take out half a team in Salvage. That gets way worse when more people start using disruptors.

So, three would be ideal, four might be a little too much. What next?

Being able to pick up individual disruptors would be a blessing, honestly. If I had a pound each time I put a disruptor next to where I wanted it, I would have bought the Supporter pack about a week ago. Simple, really. Just… click the same button you used to throw it to pick it up. Not asking that much, right?

Pressing a button to “undo” all your disruptor placements is a cool idea, but getting them all back would remove some of the tactical element of placing them to begin with, honestly. Just being able to pick them back up is good enough for me.

Also, receiving an indicator when a trap is triggered would help a lot with the follow up - but which would you prefer? An indicator of where the trap is, or where the player is? Just imagine, seeing someone’s outline through a wall while you have the Rail Gun equipped. Pow. Might be slightly op.

Disruptors sit in a kinda strange place really, given the # of people that don’t take “standard” routes onto/off the canister.

I like the idea of more vision-related things; think of Cypher’s toolkit in Valorant - e.g. tripwires. Could maybe place up to 3, lessen the damage (and not allow it to stack), and make the wire x-ray pulsate and snap when someone walks through and have an audio cue. Don’t necessarily have to make the player outline x-ray to be useful for information - could be a neat scanner alternative.