Compact kinetic c4 alternative to usual c4

current c4

  • 250 damage
  • 50 block damage
  • tons of knockback
  • 4.5 block radius
  • 2 ammo + 1 ammo every 2 pickups
  • triple beep when landing on a surface

proposed alt c4

  • 30 or otherwise much less damage
  • 20 block damage so it cant kill reinforced blocks
  • 75% or otherwise slightly less knockback
  • 3 or otherwise smaller radius
  • 2/3 ammo + 1 ammo every pickup
  • double beep when landing on a surface


  • c4 is cool and all for jumping with kinetic mod but it takes a lot of effort and can be pulled off rarely (jumping with only 1 c4 is weak if you dont want to also take 50 damage from it)
  • with alt c4 you can pull off smaller jumps more often while still being able to stack several ones for the usual huge leap


  • more control over explosive jumps
  • doesnt require wasting 9 points on a rrifle
  • doesnt require spending 8 points on an orberator
  • doesnt require lining up bounced glauncher grenades to jump on
  • less spammable than rrifle jumps (has to land, throw, detonate to jump again)
  • new utility in the form of knocking people away from walls/towers rather than killing them right away
  • would look cool
  • would feel cool to jump with and kill someone
  • would feel cool to die to someone jumping with it
  • geary would come back


  • TBD