Comeback Mechanics and how to do them correctly (plus bonus stuff)

Comeback mechanics and how to implement them correctly:

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The comeback mechanic is an elusive animal: you can’t quite see it while playing, even though it plays a major part in your enjoyment. So what’s the secret? Keeping the fight near the center is the secret. And here are a few ways to do it:

(Breakthrough only)

Spawn time manipulation: say a team only has one spawn left. At this point their spawn time if decreased by half. Now say they take the B point. Their spawn time is now decreased only by a quarter. And the second they start to contest C, their span time is back to normal.
This system can be tweaked by gradually increasing spawn times based on the z of capture the next point has, and obviously where that spawn is. So if we take that earlier example, the closer they are at capping each point, the longer their spawn time gets, until it is back to normal when they contest C. One important rule is this: never increase spawn times for the attackers. They’re winning, thy shouldn’t be punished for it, trust me it’s not a good idea.

2: map design
See, RN the map design encourages spawn camping. Because when you cap the point after the C point, you suddenly have access to much more room to spawn in, especially close to the enemy spawn. So that’s not good. Instead it hound be the opposite: the closer to a spawn a cap is, the more spawn room I gives to the defending team and the less it gives to the attacking team. That way there is less of an incentive to push further than C point

3: map design again: (this isn’t really a comeback mechanic at all but I though I’d include it) it’s so easy to be hidden while contesting a point. So a few things should be done here: first, make it impossible to contest if you’re under the ground layer, and add a strong point that magnifies the value of a player. I believe this would make for an excellent dynamic if handle correctly (correct size, good cover, etc) because it would offer interesting tactical choices: stay at a good distance and pick off the enemies in the strongpoint, go in with a shotgun, tunnel around to surprise them… it could bring some focus into a game mode that is rather confused at the moment.