Collection of thoughts

  • First of all I LOVE the building features
  • I think the game could use the Feature of leaning left and right, (example: F.E.A.R./Arma 3/Squad)
  • Having a Hitscan Sniper in a Multiplayer Shooter is in my opinion VERY BAD it either needs to do way less damage, or what I would prefer, have travel-time (maybe bullet-drop)
  • The game would profit from a Capture the Flag mode (2 Flags one in each base), as it would motivate the Teams to make use of their tools, to protect their Flags and break in to steal the opposing one
  • If nothing happens in you’re direct vicinity the game gets really quiet. A gun fight only a couble blocks away is almos not audible. = Sounds need to be louder/heard farther/more boom.
  • Since I saw in the Trello Board that Private Servers and Workshop Custom Map Support are planned I’m only gonna say one thing about maps. I think the Maps that are currently in the game don’t encourage players to make use of their building tools. They could just as well exist in a game without them.
  • Its sometimes hard to tell enemy from friend in the distance (which is to some degree because everyone can have the color they want)
  • I’d like if there was maybe a compass so I could more accuratly tell a Teammate where an ememy is for example (I did see the “N” on the minimap but that is not enough for this) OR you could also add a Ping for partymembers to show them something
  • The objective text at the top in-game would profit from maybe an black outline because its sometimes hard to read.
  • For some reason the game (for me and my friends) needs ages to actually close. I always have to close it with Task Manager
  • It would be cool if being in a Party meant if the party-founder finds a game everyone joins it automatically
  • Some kind of Scanner that reveals Tunnels for tunnel warfare (example Deep Rock Galactic has one)
  • Smoke Grenade
  • I would prefer if the stats (Player Stats) would be displayed ingame and not on a website
  • Nametags are too small and transparent to actually be read

You can change this in the settings, GUI Scale!

Personally I don’t mind having a Sniper is bad - I just think that the current Sniper is a little OP.
Also I hate the idea of bullet drop but this is coming from a cs and diabotical player so…

You have some nice ideas like the ping feature and the Smoke Grenade which I have proposed before on here.

Also one more thing - This is entirely false.

  • Magma Chamber you need to build defences to cover yourself from snipers and on literally all the point whether they are on the left, right or middle you need to cover yourself or the other team can come flying in and catch you standing in the middle of nowhere.

  • Aegis Desert there are also a lot of Snipers and Riflers on the sides and on Spawn - You need to Build defences, especially if you are looking for frags and to rotate

  • Solarium Temple I think it is called there is a lot of open land but also a lot of cover, you can build to get an advantage on your opponent and Head Peek using your builds - In fact the Sector’s Edge YouTube channel have even covered this!

  • Crashed Freighter is a bit of an iffy one as it depends on your situation - But ofc covering yourself up or running away from a fight you need builds

  • Ice Station there are the same reasons as before.

Did I forget a map?

I think all the maps require building - The maps rn are very well balanced and each one has it’s unique thing but work around the same basis.

If you turn on friendly outlines, you won’t confuse friends and foes anymore. Foes are the ones without the outline.