Collection of ideas/feedback from a couple hours of gameplay

Hi, I played the game last night for a few hours and had a good experience overall, but wanted to bring up a few things I had thoughts on during my gameplay.

  • Dynamic spawns. It’s too easy to spawn camp, even from the actual objective at times
  • Increasing movement speed a bit would help the pacing of the matches
  • Decrease map size by up to 20%. At 8v8, these maps feel a bit too large
  • The rocket launcher gun that fires the orange fire ball: the risk/reward is imbalanced. The damage it deals is far too low. The reload time is far too long. One or both need to be addressed
  • Sniper shot trails could be updated to match the colour of the team that shot it. Having only blue trails can be deceiving, especially for brand new players
  • Player models need to be made easier to spot. I had such a hard time identifying enemies, regardless of the distance they were from me
  • To add to my point above, teammates should be easier to identify, specifically at range. Multiple times I’d shoot a player and realize “Oh, that’s a teammate”
  • Enemy footsteps need to be way louder, team footsteps need to be way quieter. I could hear a teammate coming from a mile away, meanwhile enemies were running up behind me and I either had no idea, or just a guess that I think I’m hearing an enemy
  • The SMG is currently more powerful than the AR in every scenario. One or both of these guns needs a rework
  • Personally, I would have preferred a little bit more gun customization to make my gun actually better. Maybe a recoil reduction or damage increase at least
  • The King of the Hill game mode is bugged I think. The game doesn’t end at 300 points
  • A suggestion that I think would be a nice little bonus incentive to play the objective: provide a small point bonus if all 8 members of the team are standing within the objective. This hardly happens, and for good reason because it doesn’t make sense for all 8 people to be in there, but I think this would increase the likelihood of people playing the objective but also allow for the momentum of the game to sway more often
  • I found the building element of the game to be more of an inconvenience than anything else. I wasn’t sure how to change from 1 block to the row of blocks that I saw in the tutorial, but yeah the single block was pretty useless. Also, taking out the building gun then switching back an actual gun was very slow. I would have liked this to be a bit quicker as maybe in some situations I would have been more keen to use it
  • The screen before you enter the game (the one where you have to click any key to continue) is pretty redundant and pointless since you have to click “Join Battle” once in a game anyway
  • I forget the name of the game mode, but the 3v3 mode that wasn’t Static was really confusing. I don’t really know what I was supposed to do there. Every single round I just had the building gun and nothing else. I couldn’t pick up a gun, change a loadout or anything. I was really confused. I also don’t know what the difference is between that mode and Static…they sound the same, but I didn’t actually get a chance to see

SMG lacks in range and I see the AR used way more.

Personally, I wouldn’t like this as I’d add “Play-to-win” and that’s not something I’d like right now especially.

It doesn’t so that if the game is close, say 300 - 280 I’d give the other team a chance to win, a sort of Overtime

You have to tower up to the guns which are above you - gives an enthesis on building.

It isn’t meant to do damage and it’s the most destructive weapon in the game - Would you like to see it spammed?

I agree to a point

Depends what settings you use, if you use the max quality settings then this is probably why - I personally use optimised settings for FPS and Visibility so I can’t really comment.


Renderlike already explained a lot, but I would like to add a few things.

  • You can deal with spawn camping. Contrary to other games, you can build your own defenses and thwart spawn campers. Make a preset building that offers good cover, but has windows, and put a bunch of them between spawn and the objectives. When a sniper is looking your way, jump behind cover and shoot him. It’s unlikely he’ll get headshots this way. If you get shot in the body, simply wait behind cover for you life to recover, then shoot the sniper back. Even if you don’t kill them, they’ll be forced to retreat without any kills, which will nullify them. A sniper is only good to the team when they can prevent enemies from reaching the objective. If nobody dies and everybody reaches the objective, the sniper will become more of a burden to team, because the sniper will be outside the objective doing nothing, meaning the sniper’s team will be down one player at the objective. And if he decides to join the team and attack the objective, his sniper will be useless at close range. This game is probably the one in which I get the least frustrated by snipers. I enjoy creating preset buildings designed to mess with them, and when I see a sniper far away on top of a tower and I make him be completely useless by clever use of my buildings, it gives me more joy than actually capping the objective.

  • Movement speed can be increased by use of mods in the loadout. It will cost energy. Using the mod that increases jump height is also a way of increasing mobility, and will also cost energy. This helps balance the game.

  • I would prefer increasing the number of players instead of recuding map size, if possible.

  • The orange ball is a weapon designed to destroy buildings, not players. Sure, if you’re alone, it will suck, but if one player in the team uses it to destroy the enemy’s defenses, and the rest of the team use regular guns to kill said enemy, then you get synergy. This is how it’s supposed to be used.

  • The sniper shot color, personally, for me, is ok the way it is, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to change it’s color to match the enemy’s.

  • There’s a rule that applies to almost every FPS in the world. The higher the graphical settings, the hardest it will be to see players. I disabled everything, except player shadows, because ocasionally I can see a player’s shadow before I see the player. I have no problem spotting enemies. Also, you can turn on teammate outlines, which will show you exactly where all you teammates are at all times.

  • I agree that enemies footsteps could be louder, but it should be remembered that there’s a mod that makes a player make less sounds, which could explain why you didn’t notice enemies in certain specific situations.

  • The smg is a great weapon at close ranges. But, in comparison to the assault rifle, it sucks at range, it requires a lot more skill to use because of the recoil and it costs more energy, which balances it out.

  • Further gun customization could be fun.

  • The timer is set to 1 minute once a team reaches 300 points. This means that if a team is very very close behind, they get a chance to turn the game. It happened to me once.

  • I agree with the bonus for more players on point.

  • For building quicker, you have hotkeys to quickly access you first 3 preset buildings (the ones you build on your ship). If you press z (default key), it will open a radial menu with all you preset buildings. You are not expected to build complex things by placing block by block. In fact, you’re not expected to build complex things at all, because the game is always changing, you have a limited amount of blocks and the entire building can collapse if someone destroys its foundation. But the preset buildings allow you to make moderately complex things very fast.

  • The “press key to enter the match” is my biggest nuisance with the game at the moment. I completely agree that it’s useless, and sometimes I stare at the screen without realising I could already be playing.