Changing rocket rifle and kinetic

3.1 second reload
700 ms between shots
150 bps (how many blocks rocket travels)
explosion radius 3
45 player damage (0 blocks away means directly on the block underneath the player)
65 on direct
4+12 ammo


My proposal:
2.4 second reload
600 ms between shots
76-100 bps
explosion radius 3.5
55 player damage (0 blocks)
60 direct
4+16 ammo
less block damage
no bloom on hip fire, no recoil on hip or ads
implement damage falloff to players that starts after 60 blocks, block damage is the same
(maxing out to 70% damage at max falloff)


-reload animation covers middle part of screen for a solid 3 seconds
-rocket jumping is overpowered and very low skill cap (easy to get into, covers way too much ground for no active key inputs to give you a boost like in tf2)

The weapon will effectively become an actual rocket rifle, adding a consistency to launching opponents into the air if conditions are met

(which adds skill to duels, example: you shoot an AR, they turn around and start spraying but you also knock them in the air, they have to readjust their aim, you have to hit the airshot.)
airshots are harder because you don’t have to click on them in the air, you have to predict where they go mid air

This will remove the current, I hit you once, you die to the next rocket or the opponent killing you near instantly because of the nature of automatic weapons, type of situation


Some additional stuff + explanations:
new reload animation that doesn’t cover half your screen and if possible non-clip reload with that (1 rocket at a time, but requires new reload time)
a larger rocket (wider) to compensate for both slower speed and splash radius

-experiment with airstrafing
“you just had to stand still or crouch to get a jump limiting the amount of places where you could launch yourself from, which adds skill to it”
hard to master with airstrafing but in the end will be a bit better than current, but will have much less situations for usage and overall an actual skill cap to it.

Airstrafing adds another way of increasing the skill cap vs RR. The person you splash strafes in the air, you predict the strafe.
Aim of the larger splash radius is to punish people for trying to jump over a rocket, sending them into the aforementioned situation.

And last but not least, removing the splash headshot bonus damage. It existing is completely against the purpose of rocket rifle.

In practice how would rocket jumping work?
You would have to shoot underneath yourself or at a very tight angle close to you in order to gain any impulse from the rocket.
And in order to increase speed you would have to use your movement keys and mouse in order to affect it.
Adding a trail to the person that is rocket jumping would be a great way to increase their visibility whilst airstrafing. (nothing to stand out too much, just a dim line of smoke)

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