Can't load game, always fails to launch


whenever i click start game on steam, it’ll load for about 10 seconds, then give an error message saying “Launch Error, Failed To Start Game (2)”, then gives the option to close the game.

Suggested Priority

Medium (?)

Server & Time

happened when i tried to boot up ~9:00AM EST (server n/a)

Steps to reproduce

not really any steps to reproduce, just starting the game.

Log file(s)

when i open the log file, it doesn’t show any new logs from my attempts to open the game. had some problems with the game crashing last night, but those are the only recent logs. i do not know if they hold anything that would prove effective to solving this, but i will still provide them.

2-5-2021-1212AM.txt (1.9 KB) 2-5-2021-1221AM.txt (3.1 KB) 2-5-2021-1206AM.txt (9.2 KB)

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What are your computers specs and has the game ever launched before?

Hey sorry for the late reply, I was on holidays.

Since there’s no new log files this means that EAC is preventing the game from running.

Can I please get you to produce an EAC log file and email it to me? Full instructions are at