Cannot shoot nor scope when i enter the game


When i join the game i cannot shoot nor aim, everything is fine on the ship.

Suggested priority

Medium? idk

Server & Time

It happened to me through the whole day, i was playing on a frankfurt server.

Steps to reproduce

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  1. First step
  2. Another step

Log file(s)

11-06-2021-2238.txt (112 Bytes)
gamelauncher.log (59.2 KB)
loader.log (86.5 KB)

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Hi Kruem! Welcome to the forums.

An issue has shown up over the last few days where not enabling Raw Mouse Input was causing this issue.

If you can, try enabling Raw Mouse Input in Settings -> Sensitivity (i think its there). That should fix the issue if your mouse supports that.

Let us know if that fixes it. To be clear: This is definitely a bug - enabling this setting is a kind of temporary solution.

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Thanks for reporting this, I haven’t been able to reproduce this by disabling/enabling Raw Mouse Input.

Can you please let me know if shooting works if you bind Shoot to a key on your keyboard?

Here’s how I reproduce it.

  1. Disable Raw Mouse Input
  2. Go into a game

Neither Mouse 1 or 2 worked in game. Scroll wheel input was still working. To be clear, it is possible to look around by moving the pointer.

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This will be fixed in v1.3.6a - Patch 8 :slight_smile:

yes, that fixed the problem.

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