Calculation of bullets' trajectory

I’ve had an idea for a while now, and in its essence it’s a request to calculate all bullets (grenades, RR shots, etc.), as well as reloading/weapon swapping client side.

While I understand the need to prevent cheating, calculating bullets server side causes more displeasure for the 99.(however many)%, than the reward for catching cheaters. Especially with Verc’s anti-cheat and EAC, as well as a superb moderation team, I don’t think it’s as necessary as perhaps you’d think. Additionally, checks on this system to ensure people aren’t summoning bullets and firing them to everyone on the map is necessary (as an example).

The reason why I would like the bullet calculation change, is specifically because of how noticeable plasma weapon delay is on any ping higher than ~80-100ms, of which screws up the “one chance” mentality of the weapons. Not a huge fan of my internet connection, and/or the server betraying me.

Next, the reason why I’d like reloads and weapon swaps to be client side is to prevent similar issues where the added delay of initiating/closing a reload and swap request causes invaluable time to be lost. This is essentially prevalent in loadouts that rely on a main and a secondary (such as orb-plasma pistol for me).

With the reload, there is not only the delay, but especially for orberator, the reload glitch that will occur at random times, and will repeat for a random amount of time. This once again has wasted valuable time where I could’ve been pushing the enemy, but instead had to reload for about 15 seconds, taking me out of the game. Personally, I believe that client-side reloading could fix this issue for good.

Thanks for reading!