Buying/switching weapon skins in the same category resets color


In the “Weapons” subsection of the “Customize” tab on the main menu, there are a couple minor inconveniences when skin browsing.

When switching between skins of the same category, after changing the color from the default, the color will return to default on the newly selected skin - if the player has not yet purchased said newly selected skin - despite the color selector’s cursor staying on the color of the previous selection. The color selection saves individually for each of the skins as long as you are in the menu, similarly to how purchased skins will save their respective colors indefinitely. I would thus assume this functionality is intended. Regardless, I would at least like to see the color picker change properly. This is, of course, an incredibly minor issue.

A potentially more pressing issue, however: when purchasing skins, the color will also reset to default, also without the color picker’s cursor changing accordingly. I’d say the best solution for this is an easy choice: preserve the player’s color selection when they purchase the skin, so they can keep that “perfect” color they may have had in mind when they decided to purchase the skin.

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Steps to reproduce

For the switching issue:

  1. Select a skin and change the color from the default blue.
  2. Select a second, unpurchased skin.
  3. Result: The second skin will show with the default color, but the color picker does not update.

For the purchasing issue:

  1. Select an unpurchased skin and change the color from the default blue.
  2. Purchase the skin you have selected.
  3. Result: The color will reset back to the default, but the color picker does not update.

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