Build v178.2.1

The biggest patch we’ve done in a long time!


  • You can now sliiiiide using sprint + crouch
  • Massive overhaul of weapon models/animations/scopes
  • Many more crosshair customisation options
  • Improved skin choosing UI
  • Votekicking
  • Muting
  • New skin types
  • Rebalancing weapons, removed beam rifle

Tonnes to explore!
Use this thread to report the “initial” bugs you find with the patch.
Small things that don’t need a thread of their own - for anything more complex, please use the bug reporting category.

Full changelog


  • Potential server crash fix
  • Shotgun and revolver shells are created properly on player reload animations
  • Fixed weapon magazines sinking into the ground
  • Fixed bullet holes on targets in the shooting range
  • Fixed dynamic exposure when ADS with 2X or 4X sight
  • Changing weapons with mousewheel now plays holstering animations
  • Fixed bolt-action reloads finishing when the bolt is hit rather than when the clip goes in
  • Fixed players being able to leave the arena on one side
  • Fixed snipers always being ironsights in the Arena
  • Fixed CF canisters spawning too high
  • Minimap now updates properly when parts of the map fall down
  • Fixed automatic shotguns
  • Fixed inaccurate gun selection on the weapon rack
  • Reload animations now stop correctly at the end of an Arena round
  • Activating the Discord overlay no longer freezes the game
  • Hit statistics in the ship now render correctly
  • Having an overpowered loadout will no longer prevent you from joining an Arena match
  • IS snowfall blocks no longer make noise when they appear
  • Fixed Minigun tracer rounds not having visual bloom
  • Fixed player holstering network timing - you now see players start to holster as soon as they change weapons
  • Fixed transparent ‘redeem key’ overlay when in-game
  • Fixed animation problems when picking up a weapon in Spire while reloading
  • Picking up an empty weapon in Spire will now reload automatically
  • Fixed duplicate server listings in the list view


  • Tool holstering can be cancelled by changing back to the same weapon
  • Better overall SSAO quality and a slider to control SSAO quality
  • Alt+R to reset UI scale to 100%
  • Shift+F1 to toggle HUD
  • Shift+F2 to toggle chat
  • Shift+F3 to toggle the kill feed
  • Shift+F4 to toggle player names
  • Shift+F5 to show debug overlay (toggles between full and FPS counter)
  • Shift+F6 to reload custom map vox
  • Shift+F7 to reload custom map vox and textures
  • Shift+F8 to reload toggle fall damage in custom maps
  • Click and hold to continually place structures when the cooldown is finished
  • New customisation grid UI for character/camo/metal/crosshair/sight selection


  • Slide movement mechanic - crouch when sprinting to slide for 1.0s
  • Personal Footsteps audio setting to play your own footsteps at 50% volume
  • New Snow arena map
  • Three new canister zones on CF
  • Position smoothing on the server for lagging players
  • Emblem selection on the Character page
  • Scoreboard Actions - click on a player name on the scoreboard to view their Steam page, statistics, add a friend, mute them or initiate a votekick against them
  • New external melee animations for all 5 human characters


  • Removed CPU bottleneck when rendering particles
  • Faster keyboard and mouse event handling
  • Less stuttering when loading background resources
  • Fixed stutter when opening the scoreboard


  • Holster/unholster times per-weapon:
    Midi / Structure: 300ms
    C4 / Disruptor / Pistol / Plasma Pistol: 400ms
    Revolver: 450ms
    Combat Shotgun / Double Barrel: 500ms
    Light Plasma / SMG: 550ms
    Assault Rifle / Grenade Launcher / Plasma Rifle: 650ms
    LMG / Rocket Rifle / Minigun / Orberator / Rail Gun: 750ms
  • Double Barrel spread increased by 40%
  • Double Barrel full damage distance reduced from 10 to 6 blocks
  • Double Barrel 30% damage distance reduced from 40 to 30 blocks
  • Grenade Launcher magazine size increased from 4 to 5
  • Grenade Launcher cooldown increased from 450ms to 500ms
  • LMG is no longer bolt-action
  • LMG magazine size increased from 80 to 100
  • LMG initial scoped recoil reduced by 25%
  • LMG final scoped recoil reduced by 20%
  • LMG full damage distance increased from 40 to 50 blocks
  • LMG 30% damage distance increased from 120 to 150 blocks
  • LMG damage increased from 10 to 11
  • Plasma Pistol projectile speed increased by 20%
  • Light Plasma projectile speed increased by 30%
  • Plasma Rifle projectile speed increased by 30%
  • Rocket Rifle cooldown decreased from 800ms to 700ms
  • Rail Gun charge removed. No-scopes deal flat 40 damage to any part of the player
  • Rail Gun ironsights removed
  • Rail Gun reload time increased from 2.1s to 2.8s
  • Midi cooldown increased from 50ms to 300ms
  • 2X and 4X scopes are now actual 2X and 4X magnification
  • Jumping while ADS with any scope will unscope for 200ms
  • Explosive knockback is at maximum strength until 4.5 blocks away
  • Explosive direct headshots now deal 1.25x damage
  • Faster detonating after throwing a C4
  • Health regen speed increased from 5hp/s to 20hp/s
  • Minimum 240 starting blocks on Static
  • Other player footsteps are 15% louder
  • Base starting blocks increased from 80 to 120
  • Pillars in the Arena are now reinforced rather than indestructible


  • External slide animation
  • External reload animations
  • New weapon models in externals
  • Character/weapon/loadout customisation animations
  • Mute players
  • Put all emblems in game
  • UI to select your title
  • Backend to store which title you have equipped
  • Add Friend / View Steam Profile / View Stats button on scoreboard
  • Votekicking
  • Redeploying
  • Fix some FPS reloading animation problems
  • Fix holstering networking so you can see them start holstering their weapon as soon as they do
  • Make grenade launcher an actual projectile model with a small particle stream behind it
  • Metallic skins on bare minimum
  • New Midi animations
  • Midi digger mode
  • Add new weapon icons

…aaand a hotfix patch!

Build v178.2.1 - Patch 1 - Released 6:49pm 2/08/2020 AEST


  • Fixed Grenade kills causing the UI to disappear
  • Fixed Orberator rendering with bare minimum
  • Fixed weapons disappearing when shooting in bare minimum
  • Fixed LMG/Assault/Pistol ejecting shells not rendering
  • Fixed muzzle flashes not rendering in bare minimum
  • Fixed Grenade Launcher bounce
  • Spectators can now send and receive chat messages
  • Everyone on the scoreboard is no longer your friend
  • Fixed ‘View Steam Profile’ and ‘View Statistics’ scoreboard links
  • Fixed reload animations getting stuck when shooting with an empty weapon while changing weapons
  • Fixed scoreboard cursor only unlocking when Tab is held
  • Fixed UI disappearing if you don’t own any Titles


  • Plasma projectiles are 2x longer
  • Bare minimum canister forcefield fades out when ADS
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Played for a bit this morning, some observations/bug reporting from me:

Character tab is misleading


  • It’s not obvious that the “renegade” skin is unavailable as it’s as bright as all the rest and doesn’t have a padlock. The supporter symbol on its own doesn’t mean much
  • What does the blue chevron in bottom right mean? I have no idea
  • All of the agaman skins are unavailable, but not locked? Guessing this is to do with the animation gaps mentioned before, but could do with some other icon to say they’re unavailable (exclamation point in a red circle upper left of image perhaps? over over it and it says "temporarily unavailable?)
  • When a ‘locked’ skin is selected, the chevron replaces the lock symbol, and the equip button becomes blue and ‘EQUIPPED’ - no indication of it still being unavailable/locked

Movement during customisation

  • I think it’d be worth disabling the click + drag (rotation) feature when you’re clicking on UI elements within the customisation screen; produces some jerky motion

First time opening 2x scope visual bug


  • Switching to another 2x score and back to what I already had, seemed to fix

Plasma rifle running animation

  • Looks like he’s pushing the weapon down to the floor, bit odd looking
  • Same for rail gun, looks like you’re trying to bayonet a fish in a lake

Combat shotgun scoped [ ] indicator missing


  • As soon as you shoot, you can see it, but not before

Scoreboard issues

  • No team colours
  • No team scores
  • Having to right click to unlock the mouse, even though it’s written on the scoreboard itself, doesn’t feel good to use, feels forced

Other observations

  • I have all the settings on, this feels rather flat? like the directional lights are gone? I can’t remember what it looked like before but does feel flat.
  • People with high ping can warp the hell around the map without being hit easily, from what I experienced; sometimes they stood completely still, bullets going straight through them, next thing you know they’re next to you knifing
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