Buff Plasma Pistol

It says in the weapon description that the Plasma Pistol’s projectile is 200 bps but it does not feel like 200 bps. The Rlauntcher’s projectile is 150 bps and I can hit more direct shot than I can with the Plasma Pistol. A while ago I suggested that the Plasma Pistol should shoot in a burst and the Pistol should be single fire.

That’s an interesting idea. I would need to test burst plasma pistol before I can properly support this idea though.

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lmao i was actually thinking it needs a nerf such it does so much damage… or am i just stupid?


If you make the Pistol single shot, it becomes too similar to revolver

Petition to make both 0 cost pistols burst

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Who is it to say the plasma pistol is not like therevolver?

The only difference is plasma vs no plasma. Johnny’s idea above is a good one: making both the 0 cost pistols burst. This lets the plasma pistol be better while not affecting the Pistol.

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Well, why not make them both have a togglable semi-auto or three round burst?

I also have an idea for all non-automatic plasma weapons to have a charged alternate fire, but… I dunno. Is it necessary?