[BIRB] Looking for 5th player

The BIRB’s are looking for a 5th player to add to our roster. Current roster is:
Me, Retepsparky, Charli, and (gr)ant. We have 3 substitute players but we are looking for someone to be on our main roster.

Looking for someone who is decent at building, in US or OCE regions, and is happy to work as part of the team (not toxic, able to talk in vc, etc). Also need to be able to play games at odd hours (due to timezones) such as 2pm GMT, 8pm GMT, 6pm GMT. Also planning on playing SE long term.

If you want to apply just reply to this post with your discord name, region, and hours played / level
as well as any additional info that you want to share

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wrong region

its funny because ‘happy to work as part of the team’/‘not toxic’/‘able to talk in vc’ also dont apply

gl lads