Best changes for the game (Taking into a count new players, experienced players and competitive nature of the game)

I’ve seen heck loads of forum posts Suggesting changes into the game.
Whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion I do believe the changes I am about to suggest will be the best of both worlds.
I will provide evidence and the reasoning behind each change and its pros and cons.
Let’s begin.

Buff Railgun to 50 Damage Bodyshot
Now, the reason for this is because there are so many Newer Players which haven’t learned the recoil pattern, and also because it will introduce a new playstyle for both Snipers and the people Aggressing the Snipers.
50 Damage to the body can still possibly be a 3 shot - People use Shielding and get that extra 10 hp which would require 3 hits still, the Railgun would punish all the people not using Shielding and will still not be too Op for the gun to be overused but good enough to see more of in Competitive matches and More experienced players.
I think this should be the only Buff to the Railgun as it is already really good as a 1 shot to the head and anyone with the skills to use the Railgun to it’s fullest will use it.

Don’t nerf the Recoil - Pls
This may get a lot of complaints as new players haven’t adjusted their playstyle to the recoil and that is why Verc shouldn’t nerf the Recoil.
It would give the new players too much of an advantage and lower the skill sealing a lot - especially when you consider the recoil is literally just straight up.
New players should and eventually will adapt to the recoil like everyone in Beta did - Survival of the fittest and It increases the will to improve which will make good players - good.

Now, the shotguns are mostly used in close range and the increase of Power makes it pretty balanced although a little bit overused. Some players mention that the shotguns take minimal skill to use - I agree but to a point. The goal of the shotguns is to get these frags easily close range - It works but if you build around and use the Head Peek mechanic with the prebuilds it can be countered at the shotguns have very poor wall banging ability.

Note: Might edit to include more or create a new forum post