Balancing Thoughts (Version 1.2.2, and 1.2.3)

Now to preface this, before I get into what I want to put down here, I would like to make a statement. As of the current update, I consider the game quite balanced to a high degree, and I must give Verc some props. Considering it’s been a rough time attempting to balance all the things wrong with the game, these issues are more nitpicks and future concerns, rather than “this game is trash and this is how to fix it”. In case anyone is wondering, the reason why I treat any game quite harshly in terms of gameplay, is to first of all, vent, but second of all, to mention ways that it could be improved, some more drastic than others. If a developer has nothing to tweak, to fix, etc. then I consider the game either nearly perfect, or the developer has failed spectacularly (cough Elite Dangerous cough).

To start, I must voice my concerns for a common meta or two, as the crafty individuals of the game have of course always been quite good at finding these. I would also like to mention before I discuss the details, that Verc, if you spot a meta, investigate it, because it could be a balance you need to tweak in some way. If some weapon is being used too much, or is being too overpowering, investigate the weapon, including in relation to the player using it (they could just be really good, and/or be using cheats, so yeah).

My thoughts on the SMG is as follows:

The recoil in my opinion is extremely low, especially for a weapon that kicks ass and can literally kill 3-5 people per mag if skilled enough. The thing is, the exact form I want this weapon to be is not either “no recoil”, or “omg I can’t control this”, but more of, you need to know that it exists. As of right now, and this is literally how I use it, not ever scope, and almost always kill your target if they are within 5-30 blocks away from you, and fire with almost instant response time if you figure out where they are shooting from. The recoil I could see being a thing is where you have to fight it to some degree, in the sense that not scoping is generally more risky than scoping in terms of control, but for more skilled individuals, should be handle-able without scoping.

My second nitpick on the SMG is the reload time. Functionally speaking, I damn near have my entire reserve ammo in use at all times, because the reload time, although the same as the AR, due to the high RPM, and quick swap times, buttery smooth, as if the reload (and admittedly swap time) does almost not exist pragmatically speaking, unless you get ambushed.

Now, I don’t think anything else with the SMG should be changed, I want it to be potent, as that’s important as it is a 7 point weapon, but it can’t literally be “Wank (spray) and Tank”, without as much challenge or consequence as the weapon dishes out.

Now for the Railgun (this should be shorter):

My only problem with the rail gun is that it gets annoying when an entire server starts running it, and attempts to click heads, because if you run in a straight line, you’re probably dead. If you pop your head out from anywhere for more than half a second? Someone’s probably going to snipe your head off. As for this, I don’t have a solution, however, it should be addressed somehow for the sake of making a lobby fun and engaging for someone not running railgun.

The next topic is not based on the meta, but a concern that I would like to voice.

It seems relatively absurd that both pistols, despite being 0 (future 1) points, 1 is clearly more effective in more situations than the other. Pistol, or as I call it, the chinese knockoff SMG, is as it says. An easy to shoot if you-have-the-ability-to-track SMG, due to the low recoil, and extremely minimal swap times, has the same issues as SMG, but is limited by the mag size. I think that the swap time should probably be increased for the Pistol, as it is quite annoying to have someone with a really slow weapon suddenly swap to Pistol and start hammering people like they pocketed an SMG. I don’t think the reload time should be changed, nor damage, however, slightly increased recoil, or less linear recoil, would be definitely a good balance (bloom, perhaps? Maybe weapon tug?).

If you’re feeling very snazzy, maybe try to find a cool niche ability for Pistol to make it stand out, like Burst Pistol used to be like (or perhaps make it burst again).

Now in case you don’t want to mess with pistol, I suggest a slight enhancement on Plasma Pistol. I do think that in general these would be cool QoL changes regardless, considering how clunky it can feel.

First of all, decrease the reload time to 1.5-1.6 seconds to make it more competitive with Pistol. Reason being that the mag size is literally 8, and therefore is what I coin, “reload simulator”, where you constantly have to retreat after a kill because of how limited the mag is if you don’t always hit headshots, which is really hard to do with a close range plasma blaster.

Alternatively, make it have either 10, 12, 16, or 20 ammo in each mag, and scale the extra ammo to a multiple of the ammo in the current mag. Reason being is for the exact same reason as the reload change, however, figuring out between them, or a sweet spot between would be quite nice to see.

The last ask for me, is to make it so all 3 pistols are required to be in the secondary slot, and require a primary along with it. The reasoning for this is to prevent the annoying Pistol-spam loadout, where a person grabs pistols of any form and literally any other mod. If an exception is made for Revolver, I could see it as so, however, it is still better as a secondary than a main (since knife nerf).
In addition, it would be nice to see that you must choose at least 1 weapon when creating a loadout. This is simple. If you take a digger, you can essentially stealth kill people close range by being a ninja, and while stealth killing might be fun, it’s also extremely annoying to get jumped by a 2 pump-chump digger headshot-knife combo and be instantly dead because you can’t hear the opponent.

Since the mod system is extremely flexible, while I consider it quite handy to have this flexibility, making previously secondaries, or in terms of digger, a 4th tier weapon, becoming more than a meme, and being an actually useful strategy.

Now, as always, please leave feedback in the comments, as I might read them, as well as allowing Verc to see your feedback as well (should he see this). If you don’t agree with what I’m saying here, feel free to either create a new topic under a different name, or of course post a comment. See y’all around!