Attachment for orb that literally drips

The attachment would replace normal orb for an orb that would drip.
Dripping orb would travel like normal, at same speed, but without hitting anything would over time drip itself, spawning smaller orbs that would fall down (dripping). As the orbs would travel further and further, it would keep on getting smaller and smaller loosing their piercing slowly while shrinking, and would also drip lesser and lesser orb drips. The orbs that would be dripping would not be harmless, for they are the magma itself waiting to scorch each and every person that comes in contact with them, thus the bigger the drip, the bigger the damage, the smaller the drip, the smaller the damage. If this attachment would ever be implemented into the actual game, for april fools it would also play goku drip sound effect each and every time the drip is spawned.

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