Anything other than Bare MInimum causes horrific lag

Recently started getting terrible framerate issues if playing on anything other than the bare minimum settings despite being well above the recommended for maximum. Not a terrible issue, and it dosent prevent me from enjoying the game, but if anyone has a fix, it’d be greatly appreciated.12-28-2020-552PM.txt (22.9 KB) 12-28-2020-605PMprofile.txt (22.4 KB) 12-28-2020-604PM.txt (6.4 KB)

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Bare minimum is designed to run as fast as possible on older machines, unfortunately your GPU isn’t fast enough to run the game non-bare-minimum smoothly.

Thank you for the profile though! That will help me optimise the game.

EDIT: I’ve had a quick look at the profile, it looks like you’re getting 60 FPS non-bare-minimum, is this correct? What FPS do you get in bare minimum vs non-bare-minimum?

Apologies for the ludicrously delayed response, completely forgot about responding to this.

Not sure where the issue stems from, but in game i’m getting roughly a solid 5 fps. Looking back, I should have mentioned that this only started happening a few weeks prior. I can’t remember which update this specifically started occuring at, but before that, the game ran just fine on the highest settings. Considering I can play games much more than this with a constant 60(ish) FPS, I know it’s something with the game itself causing the issue.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what the cause is, and from what i’ve scoured from a few other forums of peeps having the same issue, nobody else knows either, which makes me fairly sad.

But, thank you for your assistance fam, I appreciate it greatly

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No worries with the delay, mine was pretty delayed too haha.

There have been quite a few updates to the game since then, I may have broken something in the last version of the game you played on. Can you please let me know if the performance issues are still there?

The issue persists atm.

Thank you for the check in, but this one is quite, quite persistent. But, atleast it’s pretty harmless overall. If anything changes. i’ll try to contact you lot in some way. Until then, keep on doing what your doing fam, you guys have made a gem of a title.

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Thank you! Can I please get you to upload your latest 3 log files? They will have some extra data in them that I can look at

Aight, posting this here for anyone who has the same issue. Feel incredibly dumb that I didnt check this out earlier.

The issue is that the game, for whatever reason, stopped using my main GPU. Was able to fix this in the Nvidia control panel.

All thank go to this discussion thread:

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