Another Set of Balance Change ideas


ahh sh#t, here we go again.

Before I get on with the specifics of the changes Im proposing, I want
to make clear my mindset on the balance of weapons in an fps game like
SE in a set of axioms.

1: All guns should be viable in their own respective roles/positions, while
possibly having a secondary role, which should not be too intrusive on other
weapons who have that specific roles as thier primary role. E.g, the AR is
to primarily be used at medium-long ranges, but can still good damage in
cqb situations.

2: There should be a range of guns, all with different skill floors/ceilings.
For example, the AR has a high skill floor and a high skill ceiling, as while
you can laser people from ridiculous ranges with it, it takes time and effort
to learn how to control its recoil in order to do so, whereas the db has a
low skill floor and a low skill ceiling, as it can be picked up and used by
almost everyone, but it’s only effective at close ranges or as a secondary to
complement a longer range weapon.

3: A higher skill ceiling is better than a lower skill ceiling, as it gives more
outplay potential to the players and allows them to improve and innovate with
new strategies and tactics.

With that out of the way, let’s move onto the main topic I would like to touch
upon today.

=============SMG AND COMBAT SHOTGUN NERFS================

It does not need to be said that both the smg and combat shotgun’s primary focus
is cqb combat, and it does not need to be said that they both excel in their
primary roles.

However, the problem with both the smg and the combat shotgun(which will now be
refered to as the cbt shotgun) is that they’re not only good at the roles they
were designed for, but also intrude upon the roles of other weapons which they
do sometimes not just as well but even better. Let’s start with the smg.
====================SMG CHANGES=========================

The smg functions great at close quaters, so at distances from ~15 blocks or so,
no changes need to be made. However, at medium ranges, up to ~30-50 blocks, it
starts conpeting with the AR, plasma rifle and light plasma for damage and ttk.
At these ranges, all these weapons are often out-classed by the smg, for a few reasons:
1 - The smg’s damage is comparable to all of them at these ranges
2 - The smg has much lower recoil than the AR
3 - AR and plasma weapons all require more practise to use than the smg
4 - Smg costs less, allowing space for other weapons/utility/mods in one’s loadout

All of these factors combined makes the smg a much much better choice for both new
and veteran players to use than the AR and plasma weapons.

Fixing the smg is easy, and there are two notable ways to go about it.
1 - Nerf the fall off
2 - Increase the horizontal recoil/spread

Nerfing the fall off of the smg would make it do less damage at medium ranges,
incrasing its ttk at medium ranges so the other weapons can compete, while still
keeping its close range function intact.

As for the recoil, but increasing horizontal recoil it gives the advantage to people who spend time to learn it’s recoil pattern. However, in SE, with horizontal recoil being random, it will serve to discourage it’s use at long ranges.

A combination of nerfing the fall off and increasing the recoil would work well for the smg. Not only does it nerf its strength at long range, but it also preserves it’s role as a close quaters combat machine, and encourages more weapon variety in game.

======================COMBAT SHOTGUN CHANGES=======================

The cbt shotgun is a bit more difficult to deal with. There are two issues I have with the cbt shotgun. The main issue I have with the combat shotgun is not because it’s overpowered, but that it is miles better than the double barrel. The second issue i have with it is that it’s damage is too high at longer ranges.

To make my point more clear, let’s make a comparison between the cbt shotgun and the db.

Where the cbt shotgun is better:

    1 - They both do similar damage
    2 - The cbt shotgun has higher range than the db
    3 - The cbt shotgun has more ammo than the db
    4 - The cbt shotgun has it's ads gimmick/mechanic

Where the db is better:

    1 - It has a higher firerate
    2 - ???

As shown by this comparison, the cbt shotgun has much more going for it than the db. Combine this along with its range being able to one-shot at ranges as extreme as 15 blocks, it needs some tweaking.

First of all, the cbt shotgun should always be a consistent two shot kill (at closer ranges), with the possiblity of a one-shot should all pellets hit the head at close range. This is done so that the db can take on the role of being the close range on-shot machine, as even if the first bullet doesnt kill the person, its quick firerate can take over and finish them off with a second shot.

Secondly, as the one-shotting department has already been filled up by the db, the cbt shotgun needs a new niche. A possible suggestion could be to change it’s scoped in mechanic, turning it more from a gimmick into a proper tool. The scoped in mechanic could turn the shot into a slug. This slug would have be a slow moving projectile, like the plasma weapons, but with bullet drop and much lower velocity. The slug would do 45 damage at medium range, dropping off to 20 at longer ranges, with a 1.5x headshot multiplier. This means that 1 headshot and 1 body shot would kill at medium ranges, giving the combat shotgun a neat new gimmick and increasing the skill ceiling, as if the player is good enough they can kill with two shots using a shotgun at 30 block ranges.


As a quick summary of this post:


-More falloff
-More horizontal recoil/spread


-Less flat damage (consistent 2 shot kill at close ranges)
-Scoped in “slug shot” mechanic, allowing for a 3 shot kill (2 including headshot) at medium ranges

tl;dr some random kid whines about guns being op

sorry but double barrel is stronger than combat and I don’t think I need to explain why