All prefabs lost unexpectedly


While in a salvage lobby at the beginning of a game I went to use a keybind I had set for a certain prefab only to see it build a completely different one. My prefabs had been working perfectly for multiple games in the same lobby beforehand. Upon inspection of the radial I found that 3 prefabs replaced my six or so prebuilt, and only one of them was the same. I went to the ship to fix and saw that they were changed there too. The only one that stayed the same was the one I had built in the #2 slot (A floor-like structure).

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Server & Time

Frankfurt 2-4 - 2/15/2021 between 14:00 and 16:00 GMT

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Log file(s)

2-15-2021-623PM.txt (3.7 KB)
2-15-2021-804AM.txt (10.4 KB)

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This is really strange, can I ask how many structures you had beforehand, and if you had loaded any custom maps during that session?

I had six custom prefabs beforehand and had not loaded any custom maps that day.