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Honestly one of the best outside additions to the game that I can think of, always love a good Wiki!

A wiki is a good idea, and this is quite a good place to gather information. However, I think that a separate wiki website (i.e. a Fandom wiki) would be better for new users to find information.

If I was a new player of this large game and not in the Discord, I might google for ‘sector’s edge wiki’. If I received a link to the forum as a search result, I wouldn’t think it was correct and not click on it.

If the game gets a lot more players, the number of players outside the Discord server will increase. So will the number of people who won’t click on forum links when they’re looking for game wikis. This Wiki category is good for pooling our information, but I recommend that the information goes onto some sort of website as well.

This could work by having a Fandom or other MediaWiki-powered Wiki (that could be self hosted as well). Otherwise, the wiki could be a non-editable site (a sub site of sectorsedge.com) where information is migrated to from here, once it has been read through. The second way is also a good way to filter out spam.

This is just an idea. We don’t have to take it in full or in part, but we should consider it.

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We used to have a separate wiki - a mediawiki - I spent quite a bit of time setting it up and trying to keep it up to date for a while after. No-one else used it, so I stopped putting time into it.

I’m happy to consider this possibility again when we get closer to launch, but for now while everyone is getting used to the forums, having it integrated here will at least mean it’s kept up to date. As you say, the content is the main thing, so it wouldn’t be too hard to separate that back out to somewhere else later down the line.

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I think a wiki on the forums is better because it is easier access and puts it all in one place. I have never googled ‘game here wiki’. But I do google for game specific information, which you can get from forums. So idk about the vast majority, but I would click on a forum link for information.

Is it just me who wouldn’t click on a forum link while looking for game information? :thinking: I google for specific game information too, but I would almost never click on a forum link which appears unless I was desperate.

why would you actively avoid forums

Because I assume them to be less accurate than a ‘proper’ wiki.