About the Bug Reporting category

For all of the bugs, quirks and things that are definitely out of place.

To make the most of this category, please follow the following rules:

  • Issues are not instantly added to the list or may be under discussion - so please also search using keywords using Discourse’s inbuilt search function (magnifier, upper right) as well

If a post about it does not exist, please consider the following things while creating a new post:

  • Be clear with your subject title
    It should adequately describe the issue without being too long - include keywords naturally where you can, e.g.
    Bad: “Rail gun crashes”
    Good: “Rail gun scope freezes on bare minimum mode”

  • Include evidence
    Take a screenshot of what you’re seeing, or even better, record a video of the bug manifesting itself.

  • Attach the log file
    Under Settings -> Performance there is an “Enable debug logging” option. With this ticked, log files are generated and stored in your roaming app data folder. Upload the log for the session the bug happened in!
    To find the log, do Win+R on your keyboard and type %APPDATA%. This will open Windows’ file explorer on the roaming app data folder. Scroll down to the /vercidium folder, and upload the relevant log file from /log.

  • Include the steps necessary to replicate the issue!
    Probably the most important of them all. Be as accurate and clear as you can!
    Even if you can’t reproduce it, knowing vaguely what was happening and including the log file can still sometimes be enough for tracking down the issue, or at least narrowing it down for other players to help find.

Staff will put the relevant tags onto your topics so we can filter on them and keep them up to date. We have an external system for keeping track of tickets, but shall be linking back to these threads where appropriate, and will update when implemented or fixed.

Thanks to everyone who helps tracks these things down, gives feedback or even just plays the game - we are incredibly grateful to you all for helping to make Sector’s Edge what it is today.

See you in the bug report threads!