5 control points game mode

5CP - 5 Control Points (5 Canister Points)

-Preferred competitive format 6v6.

-5CP maps contain 5 Control Points, laid out symmetrically.

-The opposing sides of the map are themed red and blue (or any other color warm/cold),
indicating ownership of either Aegis or Helix (or whatever names for this mode).

-Win condition: Capture all 5 control points.

NEUTRAL GAMES=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

1st Neutral Game (Midfight)

-The game begins with all control points but the third, middle point locked. Once both teams arrive at the point, a MIDFIGHT begins.
The aim of the opposing sides is to try and defeat the other team, therefore ensuring them the capture of the point.

-Outcome of the midfight shapes the rest of the round:

Capturing the middle point gives the midfight winners a chance to continue attacking, giving them momentum.
Losing particularly badly on a midfight might mean a loss of another point, if the enemy can make it to the next point in time.

2nd Neutral Game (Post-midfight)

Once the middle point is captured by a team, the next point owned by the opponent becomes unlocked.
If that point is captured, the enemy’s last point is unlocked, while the middle point is locked again.
There is a maximum of two points that can be unlocked at a time.

3rd Neutral Game (Last point)

In every round, at least one team will be in a situation where they have control over only one of the five points on the map.
That point is referred to as the last point.

Pushing and defending the last point is a staple element of 5CP play, in the same manner as midfights. The strategies employed depend on the advantage situation.
If one team is in a disadvantageous situation, it will deploy one or more offmeta weapons.

A ‘coast to coast’ push refers to the process in which a team forced to their last point manages to push all the way to the last point of the opposing team, subsequently resulting a capture and round win.


-Obviously all these neutral games aren’t permanent, you can coast to coast, but rarely. Neutral games often swing between 1 and 2.

-As a certain team captures more control points their spawn point moves up a bit. At the start of Midfight, both teams spawn from the furthest spawn (Spawn1).
if a team captures midpoint their spawn moves from Spawn1, located at their last point, to Spawn 2, located at their second point
(same thing applies when you capture enemy second point, your spawn moves to midpoint).

-The closer a control point is to spawn, less time is required to capture it.
Capture time decreases with number of players. (good buff to speed would be 2x capture rate while others have 1x)

IMMEDIATE GAMEPLAY ISSUES>=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Formatting 5CP to Sector’s Edge is difficult due to the prevalence and strength of hitscan and/or fast projectile weaponry.

-This would require mapping for 5CP to be focused more on verticality in order to dissuade the usage of such weapons, as they are weak(er) in these spots.
(problems with this solution is the fact that splash projectiles have added mobility but in all other cases less duel power)

-No actual support class. All current “supportive” playstyles focus on indirect (not primary/secondary weapon) damage to enemy, instead of buffing teammates.
Closest thing to support is either building for your team/demolishing for your team, with orberator, which is lackluster.

-Canister points/control points would have to be mapped in a way to give power to players with the “higher ground”,
(example: grenade launcher player on top of middle canister point shooting down at opposing LMG, should by default have a better chance at winning due to his position being harder to acquire)

-Stalemating will be absolutely META. Time to kill in the current state is so short, that avoiding pushes/duels will reward players.

Playing passive and building will be the largest problem, especially with railgun/smg, (railgun obviously being the main problem because of having the ability to 1 shot kill ANYONE,
ignorant of their role in the team, support/carry) You could always 50/50 and take the risky kill on an important target, but if you don’t trade for them, you risk losing control point > losing game.

-Midfights will never turn out to be long enough, due to duels being so short/luck based at times.
All current options would be to hold angles instead of pushing for an advantageous position which in many cases will not give you a position worthy enough of a push.
If a team is definitely going to lose a midfight, they need more options for escape rather than tunneling/turning their backs to the enemy and hoping they don’t get gunned down.

POTENTIAL FIXES>=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

-A fix but not a fix, would be meticulously mapping in danger of stalemates.
The incentive of 5CP is to capture all points, reward aggressiveness the most, but reward it only if it’s constant aggression.

Mapping recommendations:

-Verticality on the points themselves
reference: gullywash mid point from tf2

-Regenerative walls
Huge walls which are highlighted on the map that only become vulnerable as a certain control point is captured:
(Aegis captures mid point, regenerative wall at Helix’ 2nd to midpoint choke can be destroyed. As soon as Aegis loses control of mid point,
that wall regenerates and becomes immune to damage again. And vice versa happens to Aegis.)
These walls increase in size and amount the closer they are to last point. They don’t exist on mid points.

-Block health increases and decreases depending how important the area they are on is.
As you are further away from a Control point or a chokepoint blocks become more vulnerable,
the closer you are they become more resistant all the way to permanently immune to damage (example: blocks that make the shape of the control point/choke point/spawn point)
If there is a stalemate (no control points captured after a certain amount of time, block health decreases to a certain degree until a control point is captured, then they go back to default)
Blocks from vanilla map (not placed by players), slowly regen back (they are fully transparent but their opacity increases until 100% and thats when the block regains all physical properties)

-Add a healer (basically heals people with a weapon similar to thermator/midi)

-Timers and other things will figure themselves out, but whenever a team captures a point, the timer increases X amount.

-Since last points will be mapped in a way so that they reward the defender obviously
(no flanks, not being in between 2 points, less open), the obvious fix would be giving an advantage to the attacking team (example: team defending last point has longer respawn timer)

So far this is what I consider to be the base of 5cp.


Not much to respond to in the first half of your post as it outlines 5CP as it exists in TF2 6s (although it is a good explanation)
Linear maps

  • With the Salvage roster of maps being so open it’s hard to imagine a game mode with at max 3 points of entry into a high intensity area, most of the time only one main entry with a slower side entry but 5CP cannot function if the maps are ‘wide’. Therefore there will need to be unbreakable blocks or out of bounds/hazardous areas to force the play to be linear
  • Funnelling and entry onto the point are important which make team play imperative, once a team has majority on a point, even at the higher skill levels attempting to ‘one man army’ a defense or recapture is unlikely
    Spawns have two aspects
  • SE could move up the blue ‘Respawn’ line which would look clean
    Point Bias
  • Third point is the only ‘equal point’ in that the ‘defending’ team should be favoured in terms of how the fights are carried out on their second to last and last point
  • The closer a control point is to spawn, less time is required to capture it.
    This is an important concept which enables multiple ways of attacking the final ‘most difficult’ point such as back-capping, diving.


Formatting 5CP to Sector’s Edge is difficult due to the prevalence and strength of hitscan and/or fast projectile weaponry.

  • I don’t feel that hitscan and fast weapons cause problems for 5CP, it’s map dependant. I will say that 5CP greatly encourages good movement, so if it was to be added I would hope there would be additional movement options available in the game to create more depth and less dry fights. This could include jump/bounce pads/sliding mechanics&ramps.

-Stalemating will be absolutely META. Time to kill in the current state is so short, that avoiding pushes/duels will reward players.

  • Stalemating is less of a problem in 5CP because you can award points based on a multiple factors e.g average point possession, the team with the most % on the furthest capture, time, etc. I don’t see this being a problem.
  • 5CP punishes passive/campy play unless you are spawn camping/holding a choke which are inherent to the mode and don’t need to be stamped out.
  • It relies heavily on map design
  • You’ve recommended 6v6 I assume due to 6s in TF2 working flawlessly, but I’m unsure if it would be the same in SE.
  • I like the idea of a regenerative map because 5CP can last a good while and the map staying relatively consistent means teams can’t just win by force - meaning destroying the map to a point where the defending team recapturing is almost impossible.

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