3D Sound Not Working Correctly


Player walking sounds are coming from so close when players are so far away from me. Happened for like 5 matchs(in whole match), when we try reproduce it for video clip but it’s not happened again. Shortly we couldn’t managed to reproduce it but after in a real match it is happened again.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

DE-FRANKFURT ?-? 10.23 pm.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Let someone to walk from a far distance.
  2. Listen sounds
    Also it seems totally random

Log file(s)

29.01.2021-2128.txt (2.2 KB) 29.01.2021-1833.txt (2.5 KB) 29.01.2021-2209.txt (1.8 KB)

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Fixed in v1.2.2, this was the issue with jumping with Stealth