1x1 Digger rework

The new update (version 1.0.2), made an unnecessary dig at the 1x1 digger. Jokes aside, this update made me quite upset (people in #game-discussion will know), and instead of doing that I would like to concisely list the pros and cons of the 1x1 digger in each of the updates in a hopefully unbiased way (or at least stated when it is), and how I think it could be changed to promote synergy across both digger versions. In this article I am ignoring the existence of the 3x3 digger in terminology unless I specifically use the words “3x3 digger”, or “3x3”, so the 1x1 digger will be referred to as just “digger”.

Old digger:


  • Was very quick

    1. This meant that structures could be destroyed using speed and precision, much quicker than the 3x3. Examples being trains on railway map, trees on soltrium temple, any structure, really.
    2. Players could quickly use the 1x1 digger to create basic staircases, obtain lots of blocks quickly, and create hidden staircases inside of walls to stealthily attack a point in salvage, etc.
  • Could be used to chase people who build or dig away from you in a tunnel style fashion

    1. Props to a few people who I forget who have employed the building in a tunnel technique quite skillfully on crashed freighter to evade me killing them :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Gave 2 blocks for every block mined

    1. Made gathering blocks with the 3x3 digger and 1x1 digger more comparable (while 3x3 still being faster)


  • “Ratting”

    1. This technique can be a pro or con depending on perspective, however, generally for this to appeal to a larger audience this is a con.
    2. Ratting is a technique where a player would use the digger to create a hole straight down when in need of fleeing, and then using various other techniques to slow or evade an attacker getting to them. Depending on the skill of the specific technique used by the player doing it will either make it easier or harder for an opponent to kill them.
  • Insert literally anything else you consider a con

New digger:


  • Precise breaking of blocks

    1. The digger is still usable for breaking single blocks
  • Perhaps future plans for the 1x1 to instantly break reinforced blocks

  • No significant ratting?


  • As slow as 3x3 digger

    1. Due to this it cannot be used as a viable digger for more than breaking the occasional block

    2. Doesn’t give the double block bonus anymore.

Old vs. new 3x3 digger changes for comparison

  • RPM changed from 140 to 115 RPM
  • (for both diggers) damage increased from 20 to 25

Note: there was never a block give bonus for the 3x3 digger.

So now we’ve identified the pros and cons of the old vs. new digger, what do I think needs changing?
First of all, having such a low RPM for the 1x1 digger is a primary reason why it is near functionally useless. Having at least double the current RPM would make it viable. If it were 2.5-3x it would be cool, but as I don’t know the old-digger’s RPM value I can’t say for sure.

Another idea revolving around RPM, and suggested by @mumble#1528 on discord is to have same-as-old RPM of the digger unless some amount of degrees toward the bottom of the Y-axis to “prevent the user from amputating their legs”. And while the lore reason is sound, it also makes sense for trying to discourage ratting, which many people see as negative. Perhaps some beeping noise on the digger occurs to warn the user for angling the digger toward their legs would be a cool idea. On top of this if the digger straight up hurt you when aiming at your legs it would further reinforce it, however, a change like this would most likely effect current gameplay negatively.

Another cool idea would be to re-add the block bonus for the 1x1 digger to entice more people to use it to extract blocks from the map. I see this as a plus because I don’t want gigantic holes everywhere from people needing blocks to build their structures. 3x3 digger for speedy block extraction, 1x1 for bonus “precision” block extraction.

In addition with all of these, a new planned change is to add a setting to invert the digger controls so the 1x1 can be primary (left click), while the 3x3 can be secondary (right click).

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The Positive: I personally love the new digging change and it feels perfect as of now because I am able to kill people that usually escapes by digging down too quickly. Plus, you can always use the mod to dig slightly faster, which feels nice.

My response to your post - 1v1 is great for cleaning up or cutting certain blocks. It’s fine as it is right now. It forces you to knife or dig or shoot orbs if you want to punch a hole quickly. This is making a niche play and this makes the fights more unique, so I like it as it is now.