1.3.6b Patch 2, Visual/Texture Bugs


(all of these bugs are with Bare minimum + Quarter Texture Quality)
1- Fluid skin is not rendering with bare minimum
2- Targets in ship has weird textures
3- Red dot sights has really low resolution and they are highly transparent
4- Structure previews are not showing
5- Digging area previews are not showing

Suggested priority


Steps to reproduce

Image of bug 1-2:

Images of bug 3:

Image of bug 4:

Image of bug 5:

Log file(s)

28.06.2021-1100-1.txt (1.7 KB) 28.06.2021-1100.txt (14 Bytes) 28.06.2021-1044.txt (5.2 KB)

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These will all be fixed in v1.3.6b - Patch 3, thank you for the detail! :slight_smile:

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